Emel Vardar Biography

The artist studied art in the studios of the Mimar Sinan University of painting and sculpture Association in İstanbul – Turkey.

She has started her art life in 1984 by oil painting “Sea and “Woman”, then she started creating her bronze sculptures which became a whole with her paintings and now she is mainly concentrated on her work of sculptures by the time.

She had a series of personal painting and sculpture exhibitions and she is attending to Museum Exibitions, Art Fairs and Biennals worldwide.

She is using various materials in her sculptures. Such as bronze, steel, glass, mix media, fabric and applaying different techniques.

The artist describes her work as follows: “Her sculptures exhibit calm and cool beauties. Only a very careful observer can hear their melody.”

She believes woman are the symbol of the eternal beauty. She is thinking not only about their physical beauty, but their emotional world richness, while she creates her suculptures. And she is emphasising the “Women’s Power”.

She idealizes the woman as beatiful, elegant, proud and confident and soft and gentle at the same time.

She continues to create her art pieces in Eylül Art Gallery İstanbul which she owns since 1993.